Cheeseburger Red<sup>®</sup> Wine

Cheeseburger Red<sup>®</sup>

Blend: 39% Barbera,
36% Merlot, 25% Syrah

All fruit is grown in Santa Barbara County.

Bottled on June 24, 2012.

"A Top Ten Steak Wine" ~ Fox News

Red Table Wine

This wine was inspired by the illustrious cheeseburger. It's the all American food that's simple yet inspiring, full of flavor, and a symbol of summertime, grilling, and family. We were introduced to "Cheeseburger Sunday" by Jack, a family friend, and we adopted that tradition 20 years ago. After all, shouldn't cheeseburgers have a specific day of the week devoted to them? The burgers are thick and juicy, cooked over a white oak wood fire, with a huge piece of cheddar cheese melted right on top. The signature touch is a toasted English muffin instead of a bun.

The wine was created to team up with this great invention, and is smooth and jammy, bursting with red fruit that so perfectly complements a slight char. The tannins are assertive, but won’t knock you off your chair. And yes, pair it up with any kinds of grilled foods; you’ll get the point.

“...this full-bodied red wine is designed for pairing with cheeseburgers and other grilled foods.” ~ Fox News

“Don’t wait for cheeseburger nights; enjoy this exceptional buy with any kinds of grilled foods” ~

“...easy to drink red with just enough juiciness to play kindly to the salty richness of a fatty burger.” ~

“...not only did it go well with the burger but it also was just a good stand-alone bottle of red wine.” ~

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